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Iran Train Ticket is one of our traditional services since 2007; We are working with the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (IR); which is the national state-owned railway system of Iran. Raja Passenger Train Company is an associate of the IR and manages its passenger trains including international trains between Tehran and Istanbul and Tehran and Damascus. The Railway Transportation Company is an associate of the IR to control its freight transport. The Iranian Ministry of Roads and Transportation is the state agency that oversees the IR.

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Iran Railway Network and Domestic Train ticket in Iran

The railway network converges on Tehran and connects all the main parts of the country except the Southeast. Importantly, Iran lines at the crossroads of East-West and North-South transportation corridors that are active or potentially active. The western railway extension links to Turkey at the Razi–Kapikoi border. A northern connection to Azerbaijan, the Caucasus, and Russia has a bogie-changing station at the border at Jolfa. The southern routes connect Tehran to the Persian Gulf ports of Bandar Imam and Bandar Abbas. A line to the Caspian Sea ends at the terminal of Amir Abad and Bandar Turkmen and is part of a North-South corridor to Russia and Scandinavia. The north-east corridor connects Mashad and continues further to the bogie-changing station at Sarakhs. For the landlocked countries of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, this line provides access to the sea. A recent connection from Mashad to Bafq has significantly shortened access to the harbor of Bandar Abbas.

With up to 500 km of new lines per year, Iran’s railway has one of the quickest growing networks in the world. Many new destinations have been added since the last years and new services have been introduced on existing lines. By 2020 Iran expects to reach every regional capital by rail. New lines are under construction to Rasht on the Caspian Sea, Hamedan, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, and Urumieh. A high-speed line to Esfahan and a new, faster line between Mianeh and Tabriz are nearly completed. Electrification of the main line between Tehran and Mashad has started where trains will soon be able to travel at 200 km/h.

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Iran Railway Map

Railway map Iran

Turkey – Iran Train Tickets and link to Central Asia

In recent years the railways have undergone significant extensions including 1977 linking to the western rail system at the Turkish border, the 1993 opening of the Bandar Abbas line providing better access to the sea, and the 1996 opening of the Mashad–Sarakhs branch as part of the Silk Road railway to link to the landlocked Central Asian Countries. Former states of the Soviet Union have routes using a wider gauge. Thus the Iranian Railways maintain break-of-gauge services at borders to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, and beyond short wide-track rail segments to the border crossing. In 2007, Russian Railways, Iranian Railways, and Azerbaijani State Railways agreed on implementing the project to build a new railways line between Qazvin, Resht, Astara (Iran) and Astara (Azerbaijan).

Important: Trans – Asia express train (Turkey – Iran Train) canceled indefinitely; In August 2015, the Trans-Asia Express was canceled until further notice, after security incidents in Eastern Turkey. It’s still canceled in 2017, and unlikely to resume in the near future.

International Standard Gauge route to Europe

The path to the west into Turkey terminates at Van with a 90km (55 miles) train ferry for both freight wagons and international passenger traffic (baggage car only) across Lake Van, which is at an altitude of 1650m, to Tatvan. The standard gauge route continues via Ankara to Istanbul via another train ferry between the İstanbul Haydarpaşa Terminal on the eastern side of the Bosphorus and the Sirecki terminus on the European shore. This crossing will be bypassed by the Marmaray Crossing, a dual track rail tunnel, due to open in 2009.

Iran – Pakistan Train Ticket

Current projects include a line from Kerman eastward via Bam to Zahedan to link up with Pakistan and connect to Quetta.

This connection will bridge the last gap of a rail connection between the Indian subcontinent and Europe.The link is due to open by December 2008 (confirmed by Chief of Iranian Railways in mid-2007).

Various sections can be seen under construction on Google Earth maps updated to 2007. A bogie changing station is under construction south of Zahedan, but Iran Railways is seeking to persuade Pakistan Railways to convert its route to Quetta to standard gauge to facilitate the flow of international traffic to Europe.

Pakistan responded in 2006 with a statement that it is to convert its network to standard gauge (1.435m), and would plan a link with the standard gauge system of China.

Fadak Train Tickets in Iran

fadak train ticket iran train ticket

Fadak Trains in Iran

Fadak is a new luxurious five-star train, between Tehran, Shiraz, Mashad, and Qom.

The facilities and services of this new Iranian train are designed to be luxurious. The first train journey was in last May from Tehran to Shiraz. You can book your Fadak Train ticket quickly here.

Fadak trains, a brand of Rail Pardaz System Group, are one of the most comfortable opportunities to travel in Iran, today from Tehran to Qom. In future, further relations shall follow.

Fadak train is an impressive refurbishment project of second-hand coaches.

The renovation was executed by specialists of Rail Pardaz System Group in Iran starting 2013. The result is the most excellent renovation currently known in Iran.

Most passengers feel that the traveling comfort of Fadak train is more than comparable to a newly built train. The coaches are technically capable of running with up to 200km/h and combining the opportunity of long distances traveling with high speed in a very comfortable way.

The designer of Fadak train composed a unique design for a passenger/sleeping train.

Modern interior and décor combined with contemporary technical features have been united within approved railway technology. Air conditioning, video technology, comfortable interior in combination with ornaments emphasizes the effort to each detail.


Pardis Train Ticket in Iran

In 2005 Iran started to offer a high quality, fast and reliable express train service with new domestic diesel trainsets built under Siemens license. The brand name Pardis means of course paradise and offers international premium class standard.  This train is available between Tehran, Yazd, Mashhad and Mianeh. Book Pardis Train Ticket Here.

Iran Train Tickets and Pardis Train in Iran

Pardis Trans Train in Iran

VIP Trains in Iran

Classes & Costs

The majority of trains have two classes, though a significant minority have only one. If you decide a 2nd-class compartment is too crowded for you, you can often upgrade to 1st class along the way, provided there’s space. A seat in 2nd class costs a bit less than a normal (Maemolee) bus, and a 1st-class seat is a bit less than a VIP bus.

On overnight trains (usually to/from Tehran) the 1st-class carriages have sleeper couchettes (ghazal) with four or six bunks. Solo women should strongly consider requesting a single-sex sleeper. On most 1st-class services meals are served in your compartment and aren’t too bad. Long-distance trains also travel by a restaurant car.

The most comfortable trains are on the busy Tehran to Mashhad route. The Simorgh, for example, is more expensive than other 1st-class options but includes dinner, breakfast, an unusually comfortable bed and the mixed blessing of a TV. You can ask to be seated in a non-smoking compartment.


Train ticketing is an integrated system, and tickets can be booked up to a month in advance. Particularly for trains leaving on Thursday, Friday and public holidays, it’s recommended you book ahead.

Useful Rail Journeys

From To Fare Duration Departures
Tehran Tabriz US$5.50-18 13hr 2 daily (overnight)
Tehran Gorgan US$7/3.50 1st/2nd class 10hr daily (overnight, extra daytime services to Sari)
Tehran Esfahan US$6.50 7½hr daily (overnight)
Esfahan Shiraz US$12.50 9hr daily (morning or evening)
Tehran Mashhad US$5-37 8-13hr 16 daily
Mashhad Yazd US$25.50 18½hr every 2nd evening
Yazd Kerman US$2.50 5-6hr 6am daily

Book Iran Train Ticket

You can book all type train tickets between different Iran’s cities like Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Tabriz, Sari, Semnan, Bandarabbas and Kerman. Train tickets prices are different based on train type (First or second class) and also the duration of your trip in Iran.
You can book your bus and train ticket online in Iran and pay the fee with a credit card or any other available payment options.

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Iran Train Timetable