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Wildlife Hunting and Photo Tour (12 Days)

Tour Overview

Blow your imagination and see if you want to see, one of the heaviest diamonds of all periods, the largest mud city on the earth, the remains of one of the oldest civilizations of the history besides the biggest city square of the world, all together just in 11 days?! If so, don’t hesitate to read this offer…

1st Day: Tehran and Haftad Gholleh (Arrival Day)

Arrival Tehran international airport, meet and assist in the airport before starting the tour with the drive to Hftad Gholleh protected area.
Overnight Haftad Gholleh guesthouse.

2nd Day: Haftad Ghole and Ghamishloo

Start to fulfill our desire of visiting part of Iran’s wild life in the wonderful protected area of Haftad Gholleh. With having a bit of luck we can see the Persian Ibex, Red Sheep, Armenian Sheep, Golden Eagles, Wolves and possibly Leopards. Drive to Ghamishloo game reserve and stay in its guesthouse for the overnight.

3rd Day: Ghamishloo

By some walking and mountain  climbing in the wildlife of Ghamishloo you will see the animals such as Isfahan sheep and Ibex, Persian Goitered Gazelle, Wolves, Birds of Prey and possibly Wild cats and Leopard all the day. Second overnight in Ghamishloo guesthouse.

4th Day: Naein – Garmeh

Drive to Garmeh in the heart of Iran’s central desert via Naain. Overnight in Maziar house.

5th Day: Esfarain – Salook

Drive to visit Salook reserve, via Esfarain on the edge of northern desert. Overnight in Salook.

6th Day: Sarigol and Golestan National Park

Today we drive to visit Golestan national park with its biologic variation after having a visit of Sirgol reserve.

7th Day: Golestan National Park

Taking a 4WD drive or Horseback Riding in the park, to visit this wonderful National Park which is a unique forest rain area in Iran where it is home to the magnificent Transcaspian Urial, Persian Wild Ass, Eurasian Wild Boar, Asian Cheetah, Asian Leopard, and Golden Eagle. Overnight: National park’s guesthouse.

8th Day: Anzali

Drive to Anzali via the seashore and visiting many beautiful small cities till we reach the Anzali lagoon finally. Overnight in Anzali.

9th Day: Uromieh

Drive to Urumiyeh and on to Ghoyon Daghi Island. You will stay overnight in guest house for the overnight.

10th Day: Uromieh

The day will be spent to visiting and photographing the Armenian sheep and Persian Fallow Deer, a unique species of Deer found only in Iran (extinct in all other countries). Another overnight here.

11th Day: Tehran

Fly from Urumiyeh to Tehran and transfer to the hotel , having the last afternoon at your leisure. Overnight in Tehran.

12th Day: Tehran (Departure Day)

Transfer to Imam Khomeini airport for the flight back.

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