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Make Your Own Tour to Iran

You’ve decided to go to Iran, but you do not know where to start?

You’ve come to the right place!

In the last 10 years, at RevealingPersia We have done our best to make traveling TO and IN Iran as easiest as possible.

If you want to travel to Iran by customized itinerary or pack your back to come and visit Iran by yourself, you should consider many factors.

The first and most important factor is to know the best time to go somewhere. Although you can come to Iran any time you like, the best season is autumn and spring.

Winter in Iran, in the south, is very nice and inspiring but in the north and west of the country, it is almost freezing. Summer is too hot in the south of Iran. So you should manage to come to Iran in the best time. After deciding the time, you must try to get a visa by referring to the console office. It may take the utmost 5 days to get it. Then it depends on your homeland to decide how to enter Iran. If you are in Europe and want to come to Turkey and then to Iran, Choosing your rout in Iran is another important factor to do in advance is that you choose in a way not pass a rout twice because it makes you bored. You can choose your cities and we can offer you the best ways. Or if you are in Iran for some special works to do (a business to do), after doing your affairs, we can manage a short trip to Iran.

The other thing is that if you yourself arrange a tour and you are at least 3 people, we can handle your tour package. When you have decided to come to Iran and have chosen your places to go, please without any doubt contact us to help you. We would be appreciated to help you in order to enjoy your travel. Below is the list of cities with the best amount of time to stay in each and you can find each Iran Cities attractions from Here.

City Stay Duration
Tehran 1-2 Days
Isfahan 2-3 Days
Shiraz 5 Days
Yazd 2 Days
Kashan Half Days
Kerman 1 Days
Mashhad 1-2 Days
Kermanshah 1 Days
Qeshm 1 Days
Kish 1 Days
Tabriz 1 Days
Hamedan 2 Days
Oroumiyeh 1 Days
Ardebil 1 Days
Zanjan Half Days
Qazvin Half Days

Notice that some cities which mentioned a half day to stay mean that they do not have many places to see and you can visit them on your way.
The northern cities like: Astara, Bandar-e Anzali, Rasht, Lahijan, Ramsar, Tonekabon, Chalush and Sari are close to each other and you can visit all in at least 2 days.

These are some nice villages that because of natural sceneries attract every tourist.

Village Stay Duration
Abyaneh in Esfahan 1 Days
Masouleh in Gilan 1 Days
Kandovan in Azarbayjan 1 Days
Bavanat in Fars 1 Days
Meimand in Kerman 1 Days