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Iran Fajr Film Festival Tour

Tour Overview

Fajr International Film Festival or The Fajr Film Festival is Iranian annual film festival that held every 12 Bahman to 22 Bahman (February) in Tehran. Fajr Film Festival, started in 1982, is under the supervision of the Iran’s Ministry of Culture. This festival held in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz and Ahvaz.

1st Day: Tehran (Arrival Day)

After arriving Tehran Imam Khomeini airport, you will be greeted by our guide and then transferred to the hotel, to have a short rest. In the afternoon we will start visiting the city by Golestan museum, Iran Bastan museum, carpet museum and national jewelry museum which is the second largest royal treasury of the world. Overnight in Tehran.

2nd Day: Tehran – Shiraz

Visiting Sa’ad Abad palace and the art museums inside it in the afternoon before being transferred to Mehr Abad airport for your flight to Shiraz. Overnight in Shiraz.

3rd Day: Shiraz

Drive 60 Km to the northwest, where the ceremonial capital of Achaemenian Empire is situated, showing the glory of Persia through 2500 years history .visiting Persepolis and Necropolis and return to Shiraz by sunset. Overnight in Shiraz.

4th Day: Shiraz

Today we learn about the city by a guided walk through its charming historic district, visiting Vakil mosque, bath and bazaar, as well as Karim Khan Arg and then Nasir al Molk mosque. Afternoon would be spent in the Shiraz famous gardens such as Hafez and Sa’adi tombs besides Eram garden. Overnight in Shiraz.

5th Day: Yazd

Drive to Yazd, center of Zoroastrian culture via Abarkuh with its 4000 years old cedar- tree. After check in to your hotel and a short rest, we start sightseeing of this ancient city by Amir Chakhmagh square, Jame mosque and Doulat Abad garden. Overnight in Yazd.

6th Day: Yazd

There are still plenty to see of Yazd, so we go for fire temple, silences towers and Yazd handicraft bazaar before leaving to spend our night 60 km farther, in an old caravanserai in the heart of desert and feeling absolute silence, peace and clean sky of the desert. Overnight in Zeinodin caravanserai.

7th Day: Yazd – Isfahan

On our road to Isfahan, we will have a short stop in Nain and Adrestan visiting historical places and then we will reach Isfahan, that’s been one of the capitals of Persia and it is still showing its past glory through many beautiful monuments, bridges and gardens. Overnight in Isfahan.

8th Day: Esfahan

As we promised, we show you the biggest city square of the world which is also a world cultural heritage place because of all its fabulous arts that has been worked by different artists during different eras. Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Imam Mosque and A’li Ghapo palace as well as Gheysariyeh bazaar show this fact better. Overnight in Isfahan.

9th Day: Esfahan

Vank church ,Hasht Behesht palace, Jame mosque and Chehel soton place are our morning’s plan before we go for a walk along with Zayandeh roud river in the evening and not only see the old bridges but also hospitable Iranians sitting here and there around the river.

10th Day: Esfahan – Tehran

There is much to see on our way to Tehran, so we start with Kashan, then Abyaneh village and finally we end with Imam Khomeini shrine close to Tehran.
Overnight in Tehran.

11th Day: Tehran (Departure Day)

Transfer to the airport for your flight back.

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