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As the 17th greatest country in the world and 2nd one in the Middle East; Iran has great roads connecting different parts of the country together. There are high quality and very affordable well-developed transportation system available in Iran; which are frequent, reliable, safe and very cheap. One of the most available ones is buses. Iran bus transportation system covers a lot of ground within the country. For booking bus ticket in Iran, please consider they usually come in two classes; The VIP/first class is more luxurious while the second type is more frequent and economic. First-class tickets are reasonably priced, so it is suggested to book them. Different bus companies are offering competitive and comfortable, bus ticket in Iran. Iran Traveling Center provide you with a rapid reservation system for booking the bus ticket in Iran for all domestic destinations.

You will read about Bus ticket in Iran and:

  • Luxury Traveling by Bus in Iran
  • Why Is Bus Transportation Important in Iran?
  • How to Book the Bus Ticket before Your Trip to Iran?
  • How to Get to Bus Terminals in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, and Yazd?
  • What Are the Popular Bus Routes in Iran?

Luxury Traveling by Bus in Iran

When you are planning to book a bus ticket in Iran, remember that those luxury buses which have a capacity of 25 seats are equipped with air conditioner, fridge, monitor & safety belt. Passengers are entertained by DVD music, films, cake, Juice and mineral water while traveling.

Nick & Dariece on their blog stated:

“You’ll feel like a real luxury traveler when you’re backpacking in Iran. There are some beautiful and enormous buses with full lounge chairs that lean back all the way, and service that you’d expect to find in a Michelin starred restaurant. You can take trains and taxis that are more affordable than local buses in many other countries, and there are often cheap internal flights as well.”

Popular Bus Routes in Iran:

  • Tabriz – Tehran: This route is a famous way for tourists, who come to Iran from Turkey or Armenia border and Hitchhikers. Everyday 10 buses go from Tabriz to Tehran between 14:30 to 23:55. Night bus from Tabriz needs near 7 hours to get in Tehran. Buses in this way provided by Iran Peyman (VIP), Hamsafar (VIP) and Tak Safar Iranian (VIP).
  • Tehran – Isfahan: An important road which connect the capital to the heart of Iran. Isfahan in one of the most important tourist cities of Iran. Iran Peyma and Hamsafar Companies have VIP services in this route.
  • Tehran – Mashhad: This  route is a very important road because many people from Tehran go to Mashhad by this road. As Mashhad has the largest mosque in the world by dimension and the second largest by capacity (next to Mecca in Saudi Arabia). Almost all of this road is highway. Asia Safar, Seiro Safar, Tak Safar, Chabok Savaran, Taavoni #1/ #10/ #12 and #15 has daily VIP buses from Tehran to Mashhad.
  • Isfahan – Shiraz: This middle-south road is an important transit road connecting Isfahan to Shiraz. Shiraz is another one of Iran’s prime cities for foreign travelers to visit. Royal Safar and Hamsafar Chabok Savaran has VIP services from morning till night to Shiraz.
  • Shiraz – Yazd: Yazd is the center of the Zoroastrian religion in Iran. This labyrinth city of mud and brick is one of the most intriguing places in Iran. Mihan Noor Aria and Giti Peyma Fars are two available VIP bus providers in this route.
  • Shiraz – Kerman: This road is a route connecting Shiraz in the south to Kerman on the high margin of Lut Desert in the south-central part of Iran.
  • Yazd – Kerman: For all desert lovers, here everything is prepared! By visiting Yazd and Kerman, you will experience a real eco tour and safari the towering sand formations of the Kalut Desert. You can also arrange to spend the night out in the desert.
  • Shiraz – Bandar Lengeh: A specific road to go to Dubai by ferry via Persian Gulf. Asia Safar and Tak Safar Iranian has bus for Bandar Lengeh from Shiraz.

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