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The carpet weaving industry in Iran is as old as time itself. Iran is the world’s leading carpet producer. Persian carpet with its fast colors, fine designs and unique texture, has always been the most tangible manifestation of Persian art for other nations and yearly a considerable number of Persian carpets are exported all around the world. A good quality carpet is generally distinguished by its pile material and construction, design and color composition, border design, foundation threads and knot density. In spite of tight challenges in the global carpet market, Persian carpets have a superior quality from every aspect.
Unlike the figural arts of the Western culture, in Persian art, words and shapes are important means to convey artistic messages. The art of carpet weaving takes the most of the shape aesthetism. The Iranian carpet weaver in her enchantingly beautiful designs penetrates deep into human emotions. Carpet weaving is a well established traditional form of art in most parts of Iran. The best Persian carpets are usually produced in Tabriz, Kashan, Qom, Isfahan, Mash-had, Naiin, Kerman and Hamedan. Carpets of a region have design and colors specific to that region. For example, carpets woven in Kashan generally display a center medallion in an open red field with delicate scrolls in the border. The colors used in Kerman carpets are usually light pastel shades in an open field of ivory, cream, or blue and the large center design stands out as a paramount feature.

The inlaid wood working and embossed work of Isfahan also has world wide lovers.

Rug weaving, silver making, sculpturing, painting, woodworking, crockery making, ceramic and mosaic works are some of the Iranian handicraft skills. Among them, the art of ceramic is the oldest in the Great Persia and unearthed ceramic works dates back upto seven centuries B.C.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]